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You’re asking me for dating advice? Paleez…!

Mafia Hairdresser Dating Blog

You didn’t have to ask. You just sit right down on my styling chair and let me give you beautiful highlights, a snappy do and then I’ll shellac it all up so you comply with all cycle helmet laws. Before I’m done I would extol my vast dating wisdom including why you should or should not drop the man you’re dating now. I work on the whole person, sweetie. I’m a full-service Mafia Hairdresser.

Before I’d ever give you specific advice on your personal dating follies, one must first understand the philosophy in which my guidance is based:  My philosophy is that you must let the person you are dating earn every “pass,” every “get out jail card,” every “green light,” every kiss and bit of trust you will give him. If they don’t pass, they don’t get. Simple: right?

Mafia Hairdresser Proceed with caution

Let me illustrate: If a guy says he’ll call you and then he does, he gets “a pass!” If he actually matches up with what he says he is with what your Google search and his Facebook photos say he is, he gets a pass!

You may go out with him.

If a guy is late once, or if he has a bad day and seems less than attentive on one of your dates, (applies only after 1st date) you can give him a pass and go out with him again; but only after warning him that his behavior is less than satisfactory. If the behavior happens again within three months he will receive no more get out of jail cards for that behavior. In fact, dump him and move on. Do not return any phone calls. Unfriend him.

You may offer other “GOOJF” cards for different unsatisfactory behaviors.

(You are dating men so there will be many unsatisfactory behaviors.)

But no more than three “GOOJF” cards should be given out at one time.

Mafia Hairdresser Get out of Jail Card Free

When dating, you should always be assessing. Is your woman’s intuition sending your brain a green light? A yellow light? Or a red light? A word of caution here: we all have insecurities so sometimes you can get a false yellow or red light because your old lack-of-confidence-self is telling you crap like, “what’s a hot guy like him dating a brace-faced pimply little girl like you?” If you can quiet your “inner baby” for a few minutes you’ll be able assess whether your guy gets a green, yellow or red light on any particular subject. If you get too many yellow or red lights flashing in your brain about your man, you should seriously start the process of backing away and breaking it off.  I suggest the “FADE:” Every time he calls to for another date (which has obviously resulted in yellow and red lights) tell him that “that sounds great,” but that you’ll have to get back to him – and then don’t. When he calls back make the date and then call just hours before and tell him you have an awful cold sore in a place you don’t want and then tell him you’ll call back later – then repeat, if necessary. (I know the “Fade” is a dude practice but red-light guys would never think that was being used on them.)


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50 Days of 50: Old Dog New Tricks – DAY 22

5/1/2012   DAY 22Mafia Hairdresser

It is now May 1 and this is officially my birth month. I remember I used to get a kick out of a whole month of me but it’s only day 22 of 50 days until my birthday and I’m actually getting a little bit tired of me. And by stretching this birthday season out by focusing on what it’s like for me to turn 50 has become tedious and taxing as best. Don’t get me wrong–I have plenty to say about me, and everything, but what if I get to the end of this and think, “What was that about?”
And I have a confession to make: I had a drink the other night with my buddies. And they even thanked me when I had my second and third one. I was just getting too intense lately with this “bitterer than thou” attitude that had taken me by surprise where it concerns my birthday. I just had to take a break from due diligence and focusing on 50 so I tied one on with the “boys.” I didn’t even feel guilty about it. But I’m sure my AA friends are looking at me and nodding and thinking, “Uh-huh…still in denial.” To them, I say, “Bite me.” I’m the only one of my friends that woke up and wrote yesterday’s blog as if I’d just come back from a week at a health spa–you should see the other guys.
I have not had a real vacation in over two years because I have been busy writing books and learning all I have to learn to make sure my novels become best sellers. For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a new frontier in the publishing world and I’m playing a younger man’s game by trying to make a go of it at this stage in my life. A younger person has probably already learned so much about social media, key words, tags, SEO and blogging because they grew up with such things but all of this information and know-how is needed for today’s writers to succeed–so I learned.
I may be getting a little crunchy but there is good reason for me to be thankful for all that I’ve been learning these past few years by playing in the sandbox with men and women who are striving to make their place in the world–it has kept me young.
It’s true what older people say, to be young at heart is everything and to be young at heart you have to hang out with younger people. They will keep you young. So, for my own good, I give thanks for all your support to all my young friends and write on, and I will continue to ask you to teach me stuff. for more

Tips for using a private Facebook Employee Page

So, you now have a private chat area where your salon can discuss new products, air differences, chat about the goings on in the salon. Yes, you’ll save time by not having to have so many meetings about the small stuff but I’d like to give you few hints as to how to make your employee Facebook page work for you, the individual, as well as for the the whole salon as well as the management team.
1) Go ahead and LIKE when someone opens up a discussion or a post. This is not the same as when you LIKE a post on a regular Facebook wall or posting in your own or a friend’s update timeline. By LIKEing a fellow employee’s post, you are just acknowledging that someone took the time to post something. It is not an endorsement.
2) Don’t check your employee page every day or every other day. Remember, this is not real-time and your posts should never be of an urgent nature. Urgent is always done one-on-one for quick results and feedback. I am a member of many small private groups and I’ve come to love every individual so I can’t wait to see what’s new with them, whether it be a new blog or a picture or topic. But as a busy person who just wants to contribute and support, once a week is just fine to peruse the employee page during a break in your day.
3) Owner and manager need not LIKE anything at all. We all assume that part of your business is to be aware of what is going on in your salon. As an employee, I always value a managers input but I would advise managers and owner to only post new heads ups to new classes, concepts or products, so the employees can discuss them. It’s always nice to know what your employees might think on specific issue.
4) Look at how little or much your employee group page can be muttled up with too many personal comments or postings. I know I could flood the group page with information that I think is important. But let your dialogue to each other dictate how much each of you needs to contribute. Everyone should participate and contribute, but a few times a month is plenty. But do check in at least once a week to keep in the know!
5) As of today, the purpose for this page is to improve communications between employees. We need to share information so we all know what management, manicurists, facialists, desk management etc is doing or having issues; with as well as read about thier success stories so we can all help each other make our jobs fulfilling, bring that joy directly into our services which benefits our clients.