50 Days of Women

I love my mom
John, Marie, Jess, Jon-David

Today’s blog is dedicated to any writers with Writer’s Block.

I’ve had a really hard time getting back to writing. You see, my mom died less than six month ago and, since then, every time I sat down at my computer to “let the magic happen,” or when I picked up a notepad to scratch out the skeleton of a few creative projects that have been glaring at me from an old goal list, my mind became a solid mass of clay. Soft, but firmed up and unmoving. I had a passion to sculpt this clay but the fear of what was inside of that clay was too intense for me. For inside of my head of Play-Doh is probably hardened marbles of emotions that I had never seen before. I wasn’t ready to investigate the marbles; let alone play with them for literary gold or publicly displayed catharsis.
I will not put the pressure upon myself to write 50 days straight about my new subject: women. (As I did with 50 Days of 50: soon to be an eBook). But I am committed to writing at least one entry a week. Monday’s are good for me. You can count on it.
There should be no question as to why I chose women to be the focus of this upcoming series. They are fascinating. They are multitasking. They are manipulative and beguiling. Enduring, long-suffering and self-sacrificing pave the feeling tone of describing women’s un-flailing and undeserved patience with men.
I had planned to write this series long before mom went in the hospital for a quick yet risky operation that went well… that is until a simple, yet undetected, complication took her from me, my brother and father. I was with my mother every second that mattered during the time she left her body and it was the most precious few moments in my life and I shall hold that in heart as my greatest honor. Of course I will also write about mom. She was character and a wonderful woman. Every mother is the most important woman to everyone’s life and my mom was the single most influential woman in mine. This series is dedicated to you, mom. I miss you very much.
If you are my client, or sister-in-law, or one of the gal-pals in my posse, you should not be afraid. Yes, I’m writing about you beyoches. But I will write from the love and wonder I have for you in my heart. One of my best friends is Allison, she’s also my boss at Joseph Michael’s Salon & Spa. She knows I’ll write about her too but she’d also assure all of you that I would never write anything that would or could be seen in a negative or embarrassing light about you. (At least not that you would recognize…) I adore you all and you have shared your stories and your views with me and I want to relay those thoughts here on my pages–for the laughs and tears and wisdom they can bestow.
Part of what has me committing to this series now is that I’m about ready to shoot a Youtube mini-series called The Judy Show. I’m Judy! I’ll also be writing a blog as Judy, so getting into the mind of a woman has been my job as well as just a subject that I felt needed to be mined. I hope you take a look and subscribe to The Judy Blog as well as this one. She can say things a lot differenty than I can. (“Coincidentally,” Mondays will be her entry days as well.)
So give me a week, ladies and gentlemen, and then read all about beautiful, sexy, mothering, smothering, mesmerizing, infuriating women.

It’s nice to be back.



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