50 Days of 50: It’s a Miracle Day 43

5/22/2012   DAY 43mafia hairdresser

You can’t believe in miracles unless you have faith and have made your own miracles. I’ve been a guy who has had many miracles happen in my life and I believe that they are natural and should be expected. My faith in this fact has grown and been confirmed over and over because of I’ve proved them to be miracles and now I expect them in my life.
If you don’t believe in miracles, and you would like to, all you have to do is think back to the times when you needed or wanted a certain outcome or an actual thing and yet the odds were next to nil that you’d get it. And then you got it. When you thought about your miracle, did you know that you were going to get it before it happened? Oh good. There is your faith. Don’t be hasty and pass your miracle off to luck, for there are “lucky people” who have had lots of miracles in their lives and I bet all of them will say they had faith; faith in themselves and some form of God or higher power.
One of my favorite assistants at the salon where I work had to quit. She’s a lovely young lady named Tracy who has been working with us and supplementing her income while going to college. She gave the best shampoos and my clients loved her! Tracy had to quit because her hands became sensitive to the colors and shampoos and even the water her hands came in contact with while shampooing. It made me think about the time I had the same problem in beauty school and I was told I should find another profession. I prayed and just knew that my faith and the power that I prayed to would help me heal my hands. The next day my hands were fine and, ever since, I’ve been blessed with hands that have stayed limber and healthy and practically impenetrable!
I cannot comment whether Tracy should pray for her hands. Maybe the miracle here for her is that she finds the next perfect job that moves her forward towards her goals? Maybe she already prayed, consciously or unconsciously, to move onto another job more in her immediate career trajectory?
My miracles have come in many forms. Of one of the ways that miracles are apparent to me is how the very people who I used to hate or despise now have a place in my heart and I have forgiven them. I didn’t set out to forgive that ex who treated me badly. But I did intend to remove the pain and hurt I felt “because of him,” forgiveness was a byproduct at the time, and the forgiveness was the miracle.
Every time I set out to accomplish a goal, such as produce & direct a play, write a book, or become an actor or a hairdresser, I had envisioned a clear picture in my head of how that goal was going to look when I achieved it. But whether the goal was completed or not, or whether it looked exactly how I thought it should be (it always turned out better!), I had faith in myself that I was going to get there and faith was the force that was going to help me do it. My “Faith Force” is sometimes my deceased grandfather, my deceased best friend, Dennis, and sometimes it’s God, or “the Universe,” but your Faith Force is your own. Jesus? Buddha? Mohammad? Elvis? Madame God? I don’t think it matters what your heart chooses to make your Faith Force, but I believe it matters that you connect with it if you want to achieve or have anything worthwhile in your life.
Along the way to getting or not getting what I was going for, I encountered naysayers & hardship. If I had listened to the world or gave up because everything took longer or was harder than I thought it was supposed to be, I would not have had my miracles. I would have not seen that at every step of every impossible goal, I was given the next step, or just the right person would show up to help me, or some instant problem-solving epiphany would pop up into my head. All of these things were miracles and now, in hindsight, it was a miracle that I didn’t actually achieve some of the things I set out to get.

The Miriam Dictionary says that miracles are an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs–an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment. And many people, who believe that the science of living itself is a spiritual manifestation, believe that a miracle is a divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law.

My miracle this week is that my home office is put back together and this time it’s better than any office I’ve ever had. I am so thankful. THANK YOU DAVID! Another miracle is that I don’t feel so bad about turning 50. If you told me that I was going to feel this way 42 days ago, I would have told you to go f__k yourself.

mafiahairdresser.com to see some more of my miracles


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