50 Days of 50: More Age-OLD Wisdom From Mafia Hairdresser DAY 38

Mafia Hairdresser

5/16/2012      DAY 38

Crap. The ticking time bomb that is the countdown to my actual fiftieth birthday is click-clacking loudly now. I cannot avoid the inevitable. I’m going be old and there is still so much to do and share with you before “B-Day” that I don’t know where to start. Do I tell you that you have to stop looking so closely in the mirror because it’s a waste of time and it only gets worse? Which reminds me: I have been completely too busy to work out as much as I wanted to during these 38 days. See how selfless I have been por vous-es? And now I’m going to look old and blobby on my birthday.
Or do I tell you that I cannot stress or recommend enough to you that you should start and write your own blog to be read by the public as you learn and rant and become a better human being? Writing all your thoughts about family and friends or ministers cuts down on all the wasted time you would have spent on the phone. Who needs so many friends or a church to go to anyway?
If you do write a “self-cry-for-help” blog of your own, please be proactive and buy plenty of thank you cards and stamps. You will have so many editors and punctuation specialists that you never knew you had before as friends who come out of the woodwork and they will be more than happy to help you become a better writer.
Oh. Here’s a big piece of advice that I hope you will heed: Don’t make any snap or rash decisions that you’ll regret in you life. Take a moment and breath and really think about committing to anything of importance. You might lock yourself into a commitment that will be impossible to keep, like quitting drinking during your birth month.
Don’t do drugs–unless you don’t have an addictive personality, or you do have an iron will and liver and your life-goals are stronger than the lulling drugs themselves. Sweet persons who just want other people to be happy and whose goals in life are like making the world a better place, or helping other people be happy, should never even dabble with drugs–you people don’t have a chance. Just learn to say no–to a lot of things; drugs included. I had fun in the 80s* & 90s**, but you all can’t be me.
Adopt a dog or two. And not from a puppy farm! Mutts from the pound last longer anyway. And you had better play with them every day and love them as much as they love you. Some days when you are sad, and you just don’t want to get out of bed because you found out that your fiancé’ of two years has been cheating on you, your dog will be the one spirit that can help you care about other people again and make you smile, more and more each day, until you find happiness again.
Take care of yourself. Feed your mind with books and learning. Feed your body with gluten-free natural foods and don’t spend your self-deprecation on being angry at yourself for eating a Big-Mac or three.
Feed your spirit by stopping your rat-race life daily, and do what makes you appreciate what you have: A daily thank-you prayer. A walk in the park. Pet your dog. Buy your spouse some flowers.
I think I’ve already said this, but in a different way: Don’t get caught up in ‘the doing.’ It has been a way of life for me, with bursts of zen and following my own advice, and now I’m not so sure it’s altogether the best way to live. I have been going like a bat out of hell from birth, accomplishing a good many things, but I know my relationships and dogs have suffered. I can say that I have suffered too.
Well, that’s it for today, my friends. I’m going to take a nap with my lab-doodle, Olive, and my Yorkie, Junebug. They’ve been giving me such good advice all along and today I’m going to listen.

Mafia HairdresserJon-David the author of the eBook novels,*Mafia Hairdresser (80s!) and the sequel, **The Glow Stick Gods (90s!).

Thank you to all of you who have been reading my 50 Days of 50 blog. It will be a eBook July 2013!

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2 thoughts on “50 Days of 50: More Age-OLD Wisdom From Mafia Hairdresser DAY 38

  1. It is just one of those sad facts of life that by the time you really know how to have fun, you’re too old.


    1. Agh. A poetress. Thank you for you comment. I just came back to add this for anyone reading my blog today so I thought I’d give you here: Free download of my hit book, Mafia Hairdresser, at smashwords.com, use code LS28B good till June 17. Thanks. And enjoy.

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