50 Days of 50: The World Is A Dirty Place DAY 35

Mafia Hairdresser5/14/2012  DAY 35

One passion that’s become a growing part of my life in the past decade is learning how to be more green. I was like anyone else who had not yet embraced the green movement or ideas such reduce, reuse, recycle, sustainability and accountability—I liked the concept of a better world but I put off getting into it because no one was holding a gun to my head and it just seemed like a lot of work; and learning about being green just might possibly bum me out.

I feel sorry for the generations under me. Because of laziness, fear, or even greed, the world will be a lot different than the one I will leave behind when I’m gone. There will be more days of over 100 degree heat per year, there will be less polar ice caps, and the east and west coasts of which I have been familiar with will lose inches, if not feet or miles, to rising oceans. From what I have learned, by being more green, is that this inevitable and it could have been prevented and many reputable and smart scientists agree.

Am I scaring you away from wanting to be more green? Do you think that the more you know, the less you will want to know? I thought so too but the more I found out about the how and why I could and would switch from paper towels and napkins to cloth, or why I could and would recycle etc., the more I began to see that there are wonderful people in this world who are making incredible strides to make sure we don’t trash our Mother Earth. These scientists, environmentalist, retailers, companies, politicians, and people like you and me are the most inspiring people that I have come to respect and love, and had it not been for me striving to be more green, I would have never have known about them.

I have a bitter sweet feeling about what I’ve learned about being green and being the age I am, “50.” I feel bad that I’m not going to be around to see what the younger generations will be able to accomplish where it concerns taking care of Earth and cleaning up the damage that mine and past generations have done to dirty things up. I feel good about what part I’ve taken on in my own home (green cleaners, indoor worm composter, smarter purchasing, recycling, reusing, green paint) and yet I wish it could be more.

I’m not done using my” green voice” or my green knowledge. But sometimes I wish I could “put a gun to people’s heads” or, at least, to browbeat or get it through the people around me that being green is everyone’s responsibility and it takes work and it yet it feels good. I would love to make a law that everyone in the United States of America has to have a huge ugly recycling bin in the center of their living rooms until such time as when my country and every other country stopped burning fossil fuels and leveling rain forests. Anyone who didn’t have a recycling bin would have to pay a daily fine which would go towards propaganda campaigns to equate non-recyclers with Nazi’s or murderers.

Until I get my living room recycle bin law passed, I can offer up a few past blogs that I wrote, back in 2010, and ask you to begin your process of being more green. I promise, that as you grow, you too will be inspired and even inspire yourself. You’ll learn about lots of kewl people who care about this planet and you grow to love them as I have and you will be inspired.

Phase 1 Green for Beginners

Phase 2 Green for Beginners

Phase 3 Green For Beginners

Phase 4 Green for Beginners

Phase 5 Green for Beginners



2 thoughts on “50 Days of 50: The World Is A Dirty Place DAY 35

  1. I remember doing my carbon footprint in biology my sophomore year in college and realizing how much more I could do to be green. I love your excitement and your inspiration here.

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