50 Days of 50: You Got THAT Right DAY 30

Mafia Hairdresser5/9/2012   DAY 30

When I was a younger man I had to be right. And I learned how to communicate very well, through writing and orating; and I have also learned how to debate and use logic and facts to prove my point. But I’ve matured a little bit and being right is not where it’s at for me as much as it used to be.
If you are younger than me, I’m sure being right is very important to you and I bet it hasn’t done as much for you as you would have liked. You’ve heard this be before, “Do you want results? Or do you want to be right?” If you are anything like I was then you would stop at nothing to make sure that the person you were having a disagreement with realized that you were right and they were horrifically wrong. The longer it took for them to throw in the towel the more they would have to “pay” with having to swallow how wrong they were. I’d force feed em–goooood. Hurt some feeling much?
I have hurt a lot of feelings in my time. But none more than my very own for I ended up feeling terrible because my need for being right caused my own sleepless nights while trying to think up ways to prove my point; and then more tossing and turning from remorse for hurting another’s feelings.
I’m still no angel now. In fact, I’ve been right at a lot of things. Only I didn’t rub the wrong persons’ nose in it. But, even when I heard, “You were right, J-D. And I was wrong,” I could hear the unsaid in their voice, “…but you didn’t have to say it like that.” And that is my point. My wisdom for today is that you can be right, and you can get the results that you want, but say it nice, and you won’t be hurting anyone. Can I tell you how many “oops” I did this month? I’ll tell you another day. There’s still time to rub my nose it it.

50 Days of 50 is a 50 day blog where I pour out what I think and have learned up to my 50th year of my life.

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