50 Days of 50: Old Dog New Tricks – DAY 22

5/1/2012   DAY 22Mafia Hairdresser

It is now May 1 and this is officially my birth month. I remember I used to get a kick out of a whole month of me but it’s only day 22 of 50 days until my birthday and I’m actually getting a little bit tired of me. And by stretching this birthday season out by focusing on what it’s like for me to turn 50 has become tedious and taxing as best. Don’t get me wrong–I have plenty to say about me, and everything, but what if I get to the end of this and think, “What was that about?”
And I have a confession to make: I had a drink the other night with my buddies. And they even thanked me when I had my second and third one. I was just getting too intense lately with this “bitterer than thou” attitude that had taken me by surprise where it concerns my birthday. I just had to take a break from due diligence and focusing on 50 so I tied one on with the “boys.” I didn’t even feel guilty about it. But I’m sure my AA friends are looking at me and nodding and thinking, “Uh-huh…still in denial.” To them, I say, “Bite me.” I’m the only one of my friends that woke up and wrote yesterday’s blog as if I’d just come back from a week at a health spa–you should see the other guys.
I have not had a real vacation in over two years because I have been busy writing books and learning all I have to learn to make sure my novels become best sellers. For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a new frontier in the publishing world and I’m playing a younger man’s game by trying to make a go of it at this stage in my life. A younger person has probably already learned so much about social media, key words, tags, SEO and blogging because they grew up with such things but all of this information and know-how is needed for today’s writers to succeed–so I learned.
I may be getting a little crunchy but there is good reason for me to be thankful for all that I’ve been learning these past few years by playing in the sandbox with men and women who are striving to make their place in the world–it has kept me young.
It’s true what older people say, to be young at heart is everything and to be young at heart you have to hang out with younger people. They will keep you young. So, for my own good, I give thanks for all your support to all my young friends and write on, and I will continue to ask you to teach me stuff.

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