I was a comic book fan and I felt like I was missing them too so I went to c2e2 in Chicago. It was fun and overwhelming but I wish I had read this article before. FYI: Green Lantern

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When I was a kid I loved me some comic books. Marvel was my go-to publisher (sorry DC folks), mostly because I was a total fanboy for Wolverine. That dude was the shiznit, smashing people out and smoking cigars like a champ. Every time that dude dropped the Adamantium hammer on some bad-guy’s face I gave a little fist pump. As you can imagine, I was fist pumping a lot.

At about 13 or 14 I discovered the awesomeness of the Star Wars expanded universe novels.  After that, comic books stopped being my main deal. Not to say that the comics weren’t still sweet, but I just started getting into something new. Plus, the novels were only a couple bucks more and they lasted me way longer than comic books–something my mom was pretty stoked about.

After a bunch of years I started thinking about trying to read comics again…

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