50 Days of 50: Tuesday With Morrie Again DAY 10

Mafia Hairdresser

4/18/2012 Day 10

One the ideas that came to me to write about for my 50 Days project was how I miss my posse of guy friends. But  I decided to save that for another day because I ran into one of those guys yesterday at the grocery store. “Morrie” was one of my best friends and we didn’t have so much as a falling out as a falling away. You see, my friend was falling and I could not catch him and he went far away.

When I saw him we said hello and gave each other a big hug and I just knew that he was all right. I could tell that whatever substance, addictions, afflictions or demons that had hold of him and interrupted our friendship in the past were no longer reaching to whisk him back to wherever; and I wasn’t intent on trying to catch a glimpse of any signs in him to assure me that he was truly free of their overwhelming grip. I just knew my friend was in a good place and that made me feel good.

It’s true that time heals all wounds. Forgiveness for each other must have seeded and bloomed in both of our hearts over the years because I don’t think we will ever have to air the problems that occurred between us. And one of the great things about getting older or wiser is having enough experience to know that it ain’t over until it’s over.

I once read a book entitled, Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life’s Greatest Lesson. In the book the author, who is near the end of mortal life, tells of an old friend who had to be “away” for a very long time because (if I recall correctly) one of their wives had some sort of disagreement with him. Even if I don’t recollect the exact reason they parted ways, I remember the lesson I gleaned was that he felt at peace with his friend because he realized that sometimes shit happens and sometimes we let people slip away from us for stupid reasons. Not only do you have to forgive your friends, you have to forgive yourself. It is a terrible shame that you can’t have your best friend with you during all the ups and downs in your life, but if you truly were friends, you’ll be happy that they are all right and you can be at peace knowing that you did the best you could at the time when you first parted.

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PS: I’m a professional writer and I usually write fiction versions of the true episodes in my life to help me make sense of it all. Writing helps heal the pain and quicken the learning of lesson and moves me to forgiveness quickly because I can view my life as story where I find myself equally “at fault” for everything that has happened to me. 50 Days of 50 is my first venture into non-fiction and I am finding that it does as much for me as my “fiction” writing.

Please read Tuesdays With Morrie. It’s a good book. And if you want to read the not-too-fictionalized story about how me and the real “Morrie” became estranged, it’s in my 2nd eBook novel, The Glow Stick Gods. Here’s a sneak peak at the book trailer–which I cannot use yet (it’s a Youtube private setting) because the music is not cleared and I’m looking for music that I can use.

Click Here to view sneak peak at the book trailer for The Glow Stick Gods.

The song I borrowed, for now, is by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, the song is Heart Attack. The image that some of you may recognize is of my dear friend, Circuit Mom. He graciously let me use his image and you have no idea how that blends reality and fiction for this project. I made this trailer myself and I think it came out pretty good. Let me know what you think–please!


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