Tips for using a private Facebook Employee Page

So, you now have a private chat area where your salon can discuss new products, air differences, chat about the goings on in the salon. Yes, you’ll save time by not having to have so many meetings about the small stuff but I’d like to give you few hints as to how to make your employee Facebook page work for you, the individual, as well as for the the whole salon as well as the management team.
1) Go ahead and LIKE when someone opens up a discussion or a post. This is not the same as when you LIKE a post on a regular Facebook wall or posting in your own or a friend’s update timeline. By LIKEing a fellow employee’s post, you are just acknowledging that someone took the time to post something. It is not an endorsement.
2) Don’t check your employee page every day or every other day. Remember, this is not real-time and your posts should never be of an urgent nature. Urgent is always done one-on-one for quick results and feedback. I am a member of many small private groups and I’ve come to love every individual so I can’t wait to see what’s new with them, whether it be a new blog or a picture or topic. But as a busy person who just wants to contribute and support, once a week is just fine to peruse the employee page during a break in your day.
3) Owner and manager need not LIKE anything at all. We all assume that part of your business is to be aware of what is going on in your salon. As an employee, I always value a managers input but I would advise managers and owner to only post new heads ups to new classes, concepts or products, so the employees can discuss them. It’s always nice to know what your employees might think on specific issue.
4) Look at how little or much your employee group page can be muttled up with too many personal comments or postings. I know I could flood the group page with information that I think is important. But let your dialogue to each other dictate how much each of you needs to contribute. Everyone should participate and contribute, but a few times a month is plenty. But do check in at least once a week to keep in the know!
5) As of today, the purpose for this page is to improve communications between employees. We need to share information so we all know what management, manicurists, facialists, desk management etc is doing or having issues; with as well as read about thier success stories so we can all help each other make our jobs fulfilling, bring that joy directly into our services which benefits our clients.


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