Holiday Traditions: Passing the Salami

Holiday traditions make us feel grounded and loved when they are shared with loved ones every year; and one of my favorite traditions is when my friend, Jan, comes to get her hair done at this time of year and brings me a big salami. You see, Jan is the Executive Assistant at Vienna Beef in Chicago and her company makes some of the finest beef products in the country. I get a big long Vienna Beef Salami at Christmas and a big long Vienna Beef summer sausage for my birth-month, which is the all of May.  Nothing brings a smile to the faces of my coworkers, at Joseph Michael’s Salon & Spa, quite as much as when Jan presents me that sausage.

Oh, joke if you will, about the big salami transfer.  We do.  And that is half the fun, but not as much fun as eating it.  Vienna Beef sausages and salami’s are delicious! Yes, I end up sharing my salami.  It’s too big for just me!

When Jan got to the salon this year, I wanted to take a picture of her presenting me with the sausage.  Maybe I’d post it on Twitter or Facebook and let the world be jealous and chuckle with us.  It was way fortuitous that Jan was wearing a Vienna Beef beanie, which was handmade by a good friend, but it was mildly unfortunate that I hadn’t yet fixed Jan’s hair; So, I handed my camera to my co-worker, stylist, Ronnie, and fixed Jan’s hair for the picture.

This is the Facebook-worthy picture.

Vienna Beef
The Passing of the Holiday Salami.

Unbeknowst to Jan and me, Ronnie had snapped another picture. The one where I needed my hands when I was fixing Jan’s hair.
This Picture is not Facebook-worthy:

I'm fixing her hair!
I was fixing her hair!

Happy Holidays, everyone. What are your traditions?


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