My New Book is now available on all eBook formats!

New Cover Design

Bored with L.A. scene, Jessy, the Mafia Hairdresser, reinvents himself as an A-List Chicago party boy and befriends celebrity book-agent, Tarin, who encourages him to party-on and write about the nightlife as only he can. As Jessy’s seemingly whimsical chapters begin to reflect the dark side of living high in the Exstasy decade, he falls in love with a “Newbie,” someone whom he shares the secret manual on how play safe with the latest party favors available to him and his friends. Enter the shocking insiders-only nightlife world of the hairdresser, the cater-waiter, the book-agent, the celebrity psychologist and thier doctor-friend who prescribes fun with a pay-later attitude.
“The Glowstick Gods is inspired by the authors own experiences and true events, including Chicago Mayor Daley’s war on drugs, the party circuit, and the Chicago “A-lister” who killed a cab driver with his own cab. Irony, hypocrisy or hilarity, jon-david’s unapologetic expose’ of a fabulously dangerous lifestyle will keep you laughing, even if many of his friends did not survive to laugh with you.”

You can download, Mafia Hairdresser, and the sequel, The Glow Stick God,s on all ebook formats and preview chapters and purchase at


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