Giving Hallmark a run…

Happy Birthday BLANK!
You’re still just a kitten. So young. With your whole 3 out of 9 lives left ahead of you. You’ll grow more fluffy everyday; hairy, really — unless it all sheds off on your fav foofoo pillow. Your ears will droop and that scratchy personality won’t be as cute as it was. Oh puss, puss, puss… Soon your meow-tabolism will stop purring and just putt. Dare I say, watch the Flabby – Tabby? And get used to being passed over for petting because there’s always a new cat on your tail — ready to take your place on the couch. Love ya, Snow-Balls. I really do. I’d put you down if it ever got too hard for you. I’m not being Catty. This is just pussy love.
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